Per 13 july 2022 is er een twee Body Stress Release therapeut werkzaam in de praktijk BSR KennemIand zijn naam is Lucien Powers en komt uit Zuid Afrika. Hieronder zijn verhaal.

Wie is Lucien Powers

I am Lucien Powers 44 years old, married and have 2 wonderful kids of 11 and 13 years old. I am an ourdoor person, love the sea and long hikes in nature. I have been a plumber since 2006 but sometimes live takes an unexpected turn. In 2019 I decided to change my whole life, here is my story.

"For those of you that don't yet know my #BSRBackStory, here is a summary of what led me to becoming a practitioner.

It so happened that twelve years ago, I met a Body Stress Release (BSR) practitioner whilst sorting out her solar geyser. She asked me to come to her for a session as my lower back had been sore for some time (being 6'5 & working in small spaces didn't help). After my first sessions I was amazed at how much more mobile I became and sent my whole family, who benefited from the holistic approach of BSR.

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Some months later I put my back out so badly that I could not even stand up straight. As I had recently taken up hockey, I initially thought it was my knee that required treatment as this referred pain was where the issue started. I consulted a physiotherapist who assessed my knee and provided strengthening exercises. Unfortunately, the pain only increased, with the only way to get relief being through BSR sessions. After six weeks of intense pain, return visits to BSR, on the practioners' advice, I went to see a neurosurgeon. I had slipped a disc and so he gave me 2 weeks for my body to heal, after which the only other option was to operate. Fortunately, just before the two weeks ended my back eased up.

Thanks to my BSR sessions and practitioner as she advised me so well on the way forward and knew when I should seek further medical advice.

I started to notice that when I spoke to people about the positive results we were experiencing as a family, I had developed a passion for the subject and I then knew that this was something that I had to do! My change of career started in 2019 when I was accepted to study to become a BSR practitioner. Being away from family to study in George was tough but I have come away with this incredible skill set and get to enjoy playing to my strengths in a livelihood that is more relational.

I see it as a privilege, being able to help people in this way, which in turn helps them to do life better.


Lucien Powers

BSR Practitioner


- 1996 First Aid, level 2

- 1997 Level 1 River guide

- 2019 Opleiding tot Body Stress Release Practitioner, inclusief Medische Basiskennis.

- 2020 workshop Body Stress Release - 

- 2021 seminar/ congres  Body Stress release

- 2022 Opleiding Medische basis kennis volgende de Plato eindtermen (Nederland)